Renters Insurance

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Renters Insurance
Compared to homeowners, renters live a rather tenuous existence. The only right they have to dwell in a property is their lease, and though they rarely have to pay for repairs or home improvements, they are at the mercy of the landlord for timely fixes and an adequate living situation. Homeowners have homeowners insurance, but renters don’t have to be dangling by a thread — they can get renters insurance, and preserve a little peace of mind. 

What does renters insurance protect? The best renters insurance plans focus on protecting your personal possessions, paying medical bills and removing your personal liability, getting you back on your feet after a robbery or damaging disaster and paying any additional living expenses over and beyond your typical rent payment. There are many ways that apartment renters insurance or home renters insurance can come in handy in a bad situation. If your landlord takes too long to fix a hole in your ceiling, your stay at a hotel may be partially or completely covered. And if your laptop is stolen from your home, or even from your backpack at a coffee shop, most apartment insurance packages will cover the purchase of a new one. 

So say you want to buy renters insurance — where do you start? First, you’ll have to figure out whether or not your landlord has landlord insurance, and then discern what you’re covered for under that policy. Next it’s best to estimate the overall cost of the items that you own, or that you want covered. That’s a crucial determinant of the eventual cost of your renters insurance policy. After you’ve done this, it’s best to do your homework and study up on some insurance companies and some rental insurance quotes. The average cost of renters insurance can be anywhere from $10 to $20 a month depending on where you live, what type of possessions you want covered and what your living/roommate situation is. Renters insurance quotes can vary widely depending on factors such as these, as well as several others. 

Don’t just panic and buy the cheapest renters insurance you can find. Visit our website to request a quote, or call us today to speak with a knowledgeable agent about your individual situation. The renters insurance cost isn’t the only thing you should be worried about when you’re browsing policies — contact us today to find out exactly what you need to set your mind at ease.