Illinois car Insurance Coverage

What is Included in Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

Full Coverage Insurance is special, because it doesn’t only cover your damage, but it also covers damages you cause on other people and their property.

 Choosing Illinois Full coverage Auto Insurance can be challenging!

No insurance policy will be able to cover you in all situations, but a full coverage policy will protect you on most of them.

What is Insurance Full Coverage?

The goal of a car insurance is to protect you from financial loss due to an accident or incident.

Full coverage means you will have coverage in amounts that are appropriate to your income and risk profile.

There are multiple options to what you can choose in coverage:

  • The highest available limits are usually $250,000 per body injury, $500,000 per accident, and $100,000 for property damage.
  • The lowest deductible on comprehensive coverage is $0. However, that is not very common. The most common lowest deductibles at the majority of companies is $100 and $250.
  • Uninsured and Under-insured coverage will match your liability limits coverage.
  • Rental reimbursement coverage
  • Medical coverage with high limits
  • Towing and labor coverage

In addition, there are customers who prefer extras that can include taking off deductibles or having new car replacement.

Therefore, some companies will offer additional coverage depending on customers reference. In addition, you can bundle up your home Insurance with your auto Insurance as well.

Insurance coverage

What is covered and not covered under Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

Below is a list of things a typical full coverage policy should include:

  • Damage you do to others
  • Market value of your car if you are at fault and the other driver doesn’t have insurance
  • Injuries to you and to your passengers if you are at fault

While full coverage is the most comprehensive type of coverage, it still won’t cover:

  • Intentional damage
  • Business use (This should go under Commercial Auto Insurance)
  • Off-road use
  • Racing or speeding competitions
  • War or nuclear contamination (It is excluded on most policies)
  • Destruction by government or civil authorities

Do you need Full Coverage Insurance in Illinois?

As an Illinois resident, you are required to have liability coverage. While full coverage is an option for most people, it is required if your car is on finance or has a lien-holder.

When you buy a car, your lender will ask you to buy full coverage in order to complete the transaction. However, after the car is fully paid, you will have the choice to either keep the full coverage or downgrade to liability insurance.

As you see attached in the picture below is the average difference between Full Coverage vs. Liability Coverage as:

auto insurance full coverage

What to consider if you are unsure about buying Full Coverage Insurance:

  1. Full coverage is a must when you buy a new financed car
  2. After you fully pay off your car, you can increase the deductible and save money
  3. If you feel you are at a point where you can financially handle a big loss if it happens, then you may want to consider liability insurance and save on monthly payments

In conclusion, buying the right Illinois Insurance coverage that fits you and your car may be somewhat confusing. Talk to our agents at Bottom Line Insurance, and we will help you find the right coverage for the lowest prices.

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